Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean with no beginning or end.
— Rumi

The Collection 

The Hannah Tikkanen Collection is an exclusive collection for the free spirited dreamer.  It's designed for the woman who desires a unique gown that's easy to wear, with destination weddings and engagement photo shoots in mind. 

The Inspiration 

The collection is inspired by the endless beauty and enchantment of the sea.

Designer Hannah Tikkanen is from Vancouver, Canada, and spent much of her childhood on the water with her family.  Hannah finds inspiration in the constantly changing, natural environment of the Pacific West Coast and other beach destinations around the world. 


About the Line

The dresses are  all designed in Vancouver, Canada. They are made with the craftsmanship of skilled couturiers, and always with the love of design. 

We only create  small quantities of each design, to ensure exclusivity. 

The gowns are  made by hand in Vancouver,  with some of the embellished ones made by hand by artisans in India. The beadwork and embroidered details are all uniquely  created by hand for our dresses.